Wellness Plans

$40 a month includes the following services:

1. Access to a GoMD Tele-Health physician whenever you need one.

3. Access to up to 5 types of common lab work, conveniently drawn at Access Prime Pharmacy, up to 4 times a year for no additional cost (labs not on the following list must be ordered by a licensed physician or medical provider and cannot be ordered directly by an Access Prime Pharmacist but may be able to be drawn at the pharmacy)

  • a. Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • b. Complete Metabolic Panel
  • c. Lipid Panel
  • d. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone o e. Hemoglobin A1C

4. Free mailing within Oregon (refrigerated items and controlled substances excluded) up to once a month (additional mailing fee ranges from $5 to $10).

5. Annual Flu Shot (only tri-valent or quadrivalent – no High Dose or augmented doses)

6. Free delivery for local residents up to 10 mile radius (deliveries outside the 10 mile radius are subject to 29 cents per mile)

Important Note regarding Wellness Plan:

  • Small business owners! Now you can offer a type of health coverage (NOT insurance) to your employees! Our Wellness plan can be a great option for YOU as well as your employees! Access Prime Pharmacy’s Wellness Plan qualifies as a Pre-Tax benefit under the Base 125 Cafeteria Plan. What does this mean? Your employees will be excited to learn they could have health coverage by contributing as low as $10.00 per week. Although we are not considered insurance, this is a great way to give your employees access to medical care that is both affordable and accessible! The wellness membership fee can be paid by either the employee or the employer or can be divided between the two at the discretion of the employer and qualify as contributions from both employer and employee for $10.00 per week! This is an excellent and exciting option for small business owners who can’t afford to offer a full medical insurance! Also, if you already have a high-deductible plan, but have a Health Savings Card or Flexible Spending Account, the monthly charge can be billed to that card because it is considered a Wellness Plan!

Wellness Plan Now Open for Enrollment or Registration - Click Here